Countless countless times and people pass by, but want to remember all forget, countless times to strive for and give up. But this is not really meet.


Modern society is colorful and confusion, a trend, we wrapped by tide, help students to change their hair, I also go to; Students in the play king, I also come to; Helping classmates, I also quote... Mobile phone thousands of updates per minute, a day will be with The Times to take off the knot. Everyone in the same way, towards the same direction at the same pace forward, no one is not afraid to fall behind, afraid of being out. We have no time to stop to think, because I can't stay, can't wait.


Where to find the real meet? The answer never be sure, but the history has never been swallowed up to a few people there to experience: "strong-willed person can put the world in the hands like soil, arbitrary kneading. Goethe tells us to learn to strong," Next life to do a big tree, stand in eternal gesture "this is SAN MAO left us the true meaning of life;" Time is always a bystander, all the process and results, to our own "this is zhang ailing taught us calm attitude.


Before actually met to be together.


"I to keep my integrity," the gentleman does not surrender, not her determination to cultivate one's morality to put country; Tohave "loyalty" ZhongLiang soldiers budged, not to teach ma degrees yinshan hu; "We will be able to win", even the tri-cities govinda, horse ten years at the end of the period of wing, women's volleyball team to return to the top of the world.


The world all meet are reunited.


The best is "if life is seen as the first", after be sensitized, once again, jing himself, jing is colourful time; The most natural and graceful attitude is "don't forget to beginner's mind, always", after the vicissitudes of life, with ever maintain castle peak does not relax, stick to the cloud has a month. Withstand, stand, affordable, such as to the past and the future smelting rolling mill into gold foil, longitudinal as thin as paper, Jude expensive as gold.


After meet, forever in the wind and rain, rainbow.


After meet, forever in the wind and rain, rainbow.